Secret Dietary Rules                     

breakfastís easy
coffee, black, in a hurry
tell them that you usually grab a muffin at the cafeteria
nobody notices

drink lots of water
carry a bottle around like everyone else

lunch can be anytime
one can of Slimfast for basic nutrients
(donít want to lose teeth)
chocolateís best
drink it slowly
spread it out

two kinds of crackers
when the stomach hurts, growls
soda biscuits, melba toast
go sparingly
don the hoody
take the anger for a stomp
try some gum, sugarless

supperís a command performance
so, tell them you had a big lunch
take lots of salad to fill the plate
if absolutely necessary, a dab of dressing
but on the side
dip the fork to give a hint of taste

no carbs

tomato juice, diet pop, water
too full for dessert
an occasional glass of wine
to medicate the quiet throbbing pulse

test yourself at social gatherings
look at, admire the sticky buns, brownies
tell them youíll have one later
remember, this is just our secret

letís see how far we can go fuelled by secret venom