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       Clients are welcome to self-refer simply by calling or sending an email. Both my voice-mail and e-mail are completely private so you can speak freely about your situation.

Referring someone else

       Often other professionals such as physicians, lawyers, other therapists, teachers, financial planners, clergy or concerned family and friends try to assist a person in approaching therapy.

       Most people respond cautiously to the initial suggestion of therapy, a response that I view as ‘good judgment’, given the wide range of experiences available, the costs, and the concerns about privacy.

       The suggestion is best made in relation to some specific issue or crisis and revisited over time. Pressuring someone to seek help can actually work in the opposite way than intended. When the client develops some curiosity about the idea, he/she may be interested in reading information online or having a brief telephone conversation to discuss the idea.

       Seeking therapy is an important step, one that each client has to be ready to take. It can be truly life altering but takes readiness and courage.

Please call or email to inquire about therapy.
A brief initial telephone consultation is free of charge.
Phone 204-947-3485
Email: jd_smith@mts.net