Libido Advice       

so Lindy this is the thing

I used to think
     kegel exercises
         clutch everything tight
         all at once
         one big fierce grip
         tush, gluts, inner thighs the whole

but I learned to break it down
     slow slow slow
         first just tighten the
         very front
         like a gentle pull of
         saran wrap
         over a dish of left-overs
         in the fridge

     keeping the rest loose
         then tighten the abs like a drawstring
         pulling navel to spine and
             hold both engaged
                 not clenched

finally add a third muscle group
     the ones just an inch back
         from the front
         gather the small muscles
         like a tiny vacuum sucking up a pencil
             a slow pinch
                 then hold.

a rush a shiver

ooh la la

     my God

apparently also good for the low back

hope this helps