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The reasons people come to therapy are many, but common themes are frequently present. Sometimes it is dissatisfaction with their close family relationships. Other times, there are issues in the workplace such as conflict or a sense of underachieving, being unproductive or stagnant. Some people suffer from depression or anxiety that interferes with enjoyment of life. Many people hold a sense of shame or guilt that is out of proportion to the realities. High achievers often tend to be perfectionists and self-critical despite apparent success.

In all of these situations, relief can be found by taking time to examine and explore the issues with a neutral person who will listen in a non-judgmental manner and assist with sorting out the problems and exploring the possibilities of change. This can be done face-to-face or by telephone.
*See the ‘Telephone Therapy’ link.

Some specific issues might be:
  • relationship difficulties;
    • conflict: repeating patterns of unproductive arguments / fights,
    • imbalances in relationships,
    • problems with closeness, emotional connection and vulnerability, and
    • difficulties with power, control and assertiveness.

    • *See ‘Relationship Challenges’ under the ‘Recent Articles by Joan-Dianne Smith’ webpage
  • self esteem / confidence / perfectionist tendencies;

  • depression / mood issues;

  • disordered eating;

  • issues for parents of ‘Special Needs Children’;
    *See ‘Parents of Special Needs Children’ under the ‘Recent Articles by Joan-Dianne Smith’ webpage

  • infertility issues / miscarriages and the impact of these disappointments;

  • living with physical pain or chronic illness;

  • mid-life changes / transition;

  • problems with imbalances in life – stress, anxiety, emptiness, loneliness, internet addiction;

  • burn-out prevention and self care for caregivers and those enduring multiple demands;

  • adult ADD and ADHD;

  • terminal illness and end-of-life issues;

  • adapting to new life circumstances following relocation, displacement or loss.

Please call or email to inquire about therapy.
A brief initial telephone consultation is free of charge.
Phone 204-947-3485
Email: jd_smith@mts.net