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Announcing a Newly Forming Group for Therapists!

Beginning September, 2015

What kind of group is this? ‘An Interpersonal Process Group for Therapists.’

This group has grown out of an earlier long term group which began six years ago as ‘Case consultation and Support for Therapists’. In the process of this work, it became clear that challenging case material often touched and affected the therapist personally as well as professionally. We also began to notice that our interactions with each other were as important as the clinical situations. As a result in our work together, the group spent less time on clinical consultation and more time on the therapists own life issues and in examining the here and now process that evolved in the group experience. In the end it became a rich place for personal and interpersonal learning that was different from how the group was originally conceived. This new reconstituted group is now offered as an opportunity for personal growth and exploration of group dynamics and group process for high functioning people who have been engaged as therapists for others. The group will meet on Tuesday mornings, twice each month for 90 minutes, from 9:00 to 10:30 AM.

Joan-Dianne Smith, MSW,MSW, FCGPA is currently the president of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association (CGPA: Group Therapy, Group Training, Group Facilitation) and she has a background in education, training, and consultation in designing and implementing therapeutic groups in a variety of mental health and community settings. Her initial group training at Smith College, MA, involved both theoretical and practice components which laid the foundation for her understanding of psychodynamics and group processes. She has been a frequent presenter and faculty member at both the American and Canadian Group Psychotherapy association conferences. Joan-Dianne believes in life long personal growth, learning, and integration, and continues to work regularly with her own consultants.

How to proceed:

Any prospective members are invited to contact Joan-Dianne to arrange a brief telephone discussion free of charge. For those who might want to proceed, she offers a pre-group individual session to explore the idea further and to prepare for the group experience and agreements.


The group sessions are $65 per session or $130 per month. The initial individual session is $150.

Contact: Joan-Dianne Smith, MSW, RSW, 947-3485