First Penis

Gillian Williams age six
played hopscotch in the back lane
with little Melvin Malovski
age five

Melvin Malovski
jammed hands in pockets and yowled
gotta pee n o w he looked around
by the garbage cans

she followed him to the corner by the caragana
helped him slip off the second red suspender
and stood mesmerized

Melvin Malovski pulled down
trousers and underwear in one split second
Gillian Williams’ jaw dropped
when she saw the little pink sausage
that began to spray a glistening arc

Gillian Williams looked back and forth
from arc to sausage
it seemed so at home in his hand

where’d he get that thing anyway
he shook it and tucked it back in
that’s when Mrs. Sternley appeared
across the lane holding her broom

shame shame on you young man
you should be spanked I’m calling your mother
and you you’re just as bad as him you watched
and I saw you help with his suspenders

Gillian Williams ran home
and hid in the basement
by the furnace
dreading the phone’s shrill ring