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       Partners begin their relationship with a lifetime of previous experiences and backgrounds. This impacts how their life as a couple unfolds. Many couples struggle with intimacy, sexual closeness, vulnerability and imbalances in their relationships. Sometimes they struggle with how much time together and apart each person prefers. As well, couples move through different stages in the life cycle dealing with different challenges along the way.

Personal Viewpoint on Couple Issues

       Conflict is inevitable in relationships because no two people are identical. The challenge is to find ways to acknowledge and work through the conflict which involves tolerating emotions and listening to the partnerís perspective and feelings. Healthy relationships take some work. I believe love isnít something that we accidentally fall into or out of, but rather itís a verb Ė an action that requires effort and tending. When I work with couples, I tread lightly on giving direct advice and prefer to coach both partners while they practice better ways of listening and understanding each other. Couple therapy takes effort and good will, but brings with it the hope of increased satisfaction and spares years of unhappiness, emptiness, bitterness and the tremendous impact and cost of breaking up.

Unexpected Stressful Circumstances

       Sometimes couples face challenges beyond typical life expectations. Examples may be the repetitive cycle of hope and disappointment related to infertility, the extra demands of children with special needs, living with medical conditions, caring for aging parents, relocation or facing career uncertainties. In situations like these, many people find it helpful to engage in couple sessions to cope and support each other during the stressful period.

When to Get Help?

       Going for therapy before reaching a crisis point is always a good idea although sometimes a crisis can be the catalyst to form a basis for rebuilding the relationship. There are also times when separating is the best option. Therapy can help the partners to reach this decision and find ways to lessen the impact on the children.

       If you are concerned about your relationship, questioning its viability and whether it is worth salvaging, feel free to call me or send an email.

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