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Regular weekly sessions can be costly. I urge people to think of therapy in terms of an investment in a better future or the prevention of ongoing unhappiness in an unfulfilled life. Clients may need to reconsider their priorities when taking this step. For example, they may decide to scale back vacation plans, delay vehicle upgrades and home improvements or cut back on regular indulgences in order to give themselves this opportunity. Portions of fees are sometimes covered by insurance plans.

An initial telephone consultation is available free of charge.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Therapy requires being able to trust that privacy is protected. I operate under professional ethical obligations and under provincial laws that mandate client’s confidentiality.

In the event that collaboration with other professionals is required, clients sign an informed consent document prior to any disclosure of information.

The exception to the confidentiality rule would involve personal danger. In such cases, I inform the client of what must happen and then take steps to ensure safety.

Working Agreements or Contracts

Once the decision is made to engage in therapy, it is necessary to develop an understanding of the goals, focus and methods to be used, as well as clarify agreements and mutual expectations.

As therapy progresses, it is important to speak as honestly as possible about the relationship and interactions that develop. Feedback and exploration of frustrations, complaints, feelings and reactions are welcome.

Please call or email to inquire about therapy.
A brief initial telephone consultation is free of charge.
Phone 204-947-3485
Email: jd_smith@mts.net