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Relationship Blues: Not Quite so Happily Ever After

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Parents of “Special Needs” Children: Sustaining Oneself for the Long Run

The Schopenhauer Cure:
a book review of Irvin Yalom's novel which takes place in an interpersonal therapygroup a book review of Irvin Yalom's novel which takes place in an interpersonal therapy group. This was published in the June 2006 issue of The International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, and also reprinted in the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Chronicle, available on-line at http://www.cgpa.ca/


I've been involved in creative writing for the past few years; taking courses, workshops, and being part of a writers' group. This hobby serves as a venue to express some of the human issues I've encountered in my own experience and through my work. Some examples follow:

Larry Alone - coping with loss

Improved Escalator Story – power imbalances in relationships

Mentor Search - the quest for a healthy role model

The Tool Shed – dealing with loss and the cycles of life

First Penis – expressing childhood shame

Secret Dietary Rules - dealing with disordered eating

Scrabble with Mom – reflecting life-cycle issues

Class Reunion - dealing with life cycle and disowned competition

Libido Advice – dealing with women's sexuality

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